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3 Toddler Bedtime Shenanigans and How to Deal with Them

By February 2, 2022 Global

Being a first-time parent and handling children is harder than you can imagine! You will witness yourself getting exhausted staying awake night after night, dealing with their bedtime fuss. But in the end, holding your baby and playing with them is just so worth it!

If you’re tired of your toddler’s shenanigans, we are here to help! Here are some common toddler bedtime shenanigans and how to deal with them.

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Image Alt Text: Follow smart healthcare advice to ensure your toddler sleeps better

Refusing to Go to Sleep

According to scientific research, a toddler needs around 11-14 hours of sleep every day. Without getting enough sleep, they will feel sleepy, exhausted, and sick all the time, and that would ruin your parent-child bonding time. Therefore, you should ensure that they’re getting enough sleep, but how can you do it if your toddler refuses to sleep?

Start by setting a schedule and ensuring that they sleep and wake at the same time every day. Moreover, you should also ensure that the bedroom environment is comfortable, calm, quiet, and dark. If your toddler uses smart devices or watches TV, ensure that you limit their screen time, especially before bedtime. Instead, try reading a bedtime story to them.

Waking Up in The Middle of the Night

Another bedtime problem that your toddler might have is waking up in the middle of the night. However, this is nothing serious! Start by looking for any physical problem that might be disturbing your toddler during sleep. These problems include allergies, acid refluxes, snoring, or more! But, if your child is waking up with nightmares, comfort them as soon as possible. Tell them they’re safe, and try to coax them back to sleep gently.

Peeing or Pooping During Sleep

Well, if you’re a first-time parent, we can understand how tiring changing sheets in the middle of the night is. Especially if you’re trying to potty train your toddlers. But, we have a solution! Try looking for a smart system that alerts your child when they feel like losing control of their bladder. This way, your child can get up in time and head to the washroom, and all of you can have a peaceful sleep!

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Image Alt Text: Ensure your child doesn’t wet the sheets through smart gadgets

Without this bedwetting smart healthcare product, both your and your toddler’s sleep will be interrupted multiple times every night. At IKOM, we have the latest hi-tech products in the industry, including a unique bedwetting solution that wakes your toddler through vibrations and sounds.0

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