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Everything You Need to Know About Ear Protectors

By January 12, 2022 Global
Red And Blue Ear Protectors

Ear protectors are designed to protect your ears from extreme noises. They’re also very comfortable to wear, with the headband and outer covering usually made out of a hard thermoplastic or lightweight metal. The earmuffs covering your ears are padded with acoustic foam, which absorbs sound waves by increasing air resistance. This way, the device significantly reduces loud noises that can damage your ears. This is why in some jobs, wearing ear protectors is a requirement. You may have seen construction workers sporting identical ear protectors while working on a construction site.

Ear protectors can be worn daily, and you can find them in various colors and sizes. If you live or work in a place where you’re constantly exposed to extreme noises, here’s all you need to know about ear protectors.

Why you should use ear protectors

People alive today are exposed to more noise and louder sounds than ever before. Research shows that one in ten Americans suffer from ear-related problems. If you live near a busy street, enjoy listening to loud music, or frequently attend concerts, your ears are being exposed to a lot of noise. This can damage your ears in the long term. Wearing ear protectors will muffle loud noises and save your eardrums a lot of damage.

Other than that, with ear protectors, you can also prevent ear infections from bacteria, dust, and other environmental irritants. You can even find custom-made ear protectors that come with an antibacterial coating to protect your ears against germs. Plus, they can double as mufflers, and you can pair them with sweaters or warm jackets when you step outdoors during the winter season.

Better safe than sorry

You can’t fix your hearing once it’s been damaged. Our eardrums are fragile and do not have the ability to heal themselves. Even hearing aids cannot restore impaired hearing to its former state. Why not spend a small amount of money to get yourself, ear protectors?

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