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How Can You Improve Your Work from Home Experience?

By February 4, 2022 Global

During the COVID-19 pandemic, around 75 percent of the businesses adopted the work from home work model. According to news reports, most companies would prefer to follow a hybrid work model in the future.

However, working from home can be exhausting and distracting. But we can help! Here’s how you can improve your work from home experience.

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Set a Room in Your House as a Proper Home Office

If you think that working from your bed won’t affect your productivity, think again! We understand that working from home allows you to be more comfortable, but that comfort level shouldn’t affect your focus . Even if you select a random place to work at, like your kitchen table or your living room couch, you might get distracted by the people around, negatively impacting your work productivity.

Therefore, we recommend you set up a home office. Choose a corner of your home and place an office chair and a desk there. An office chair will prevent backache, especially if you have long work hours. Moreover, keep required supplies, like a pen, notebook, and a water bottle on your desk, so you won’t have to get up in the middle of your work.

Avoid Snacking Too Much

Another benefit of working from home is that you can just get up from your chair, walk to the kitchen, and get yourself some snacks. However, you should avoid doing this as filling yourself up too much during work hours can make you lazy and affect your work productivity. We recommend eating an energizing breakfast and a light lunch to keep yourself active throughout the day.

Never Work in Low Light

Many people choose working spaces with too little light, not knowing that it can cause eye strain, weakening their eyesight over time. Working from home shouldn’t be a health risk! Therefore, we recommend choosing a well-lit room corner for your home office and adding extra light using a table lamp.

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Image Alt Text: 3D Night Light in a home office

Without a table lamp, you’ll be forced to work in dim light, which can affect your eye health and your productivity. At IKOM, we have a 3D Night Light near you that’s perfect for people who have to work in dim lights or work night shifts.

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