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How to Calm Down a Fussy Baby

By August 7, 2021 Global
A crying baby

Since creating a fuss is the only way babies know how to communicate, babies and crying go hand in hand. A crying baby can overwhelm and frustrate new mothers.

Therefore, if you want to calm a fussy baby down, you must approach this task with a calm mind as getting worked up in this situation will only stress you out.

Here are six tips for calming a crying baby down.

1. Try a Baby Soother

A baby soother is a great device when it comes to calming down fussy babies. It comes with a range of noises ranging from white noise and rain to waves and lullaby, soothing your baby’s nerves.

Baby soother2. Swaddle the Baby

Swaddling your baby in a blanket can help your little one feel secure. According to experts, swaddling can soothe a baby as it creates a womb-like, cozy feeling, allowing them to calm down and sleep faster.

3. Encourage sucking

Babies can soothe themselves via non-nutritive sucking. While this doesn’t fill them up, it can placate their nerves. Therefore, if your baby is crying, offer your finger or help them find their thumb to suck on. While pacifiers can also help, we’d suggest that you wait to introduce pacifiers until your baby is accustomed to breastfeeding.

4. Try a Sling or a Front Carrier

Wearing a harness to carry your baby around is a fantastic way to soothe them while they’re crying. Babies tend to love the rhythm of the steps and their closeness to you. A carrier is a great choice as it keeps your hands free for other tasks.

During the initial three months, a sling can come in handy to provide your baby with head support.

5. Glide, Rock, or Sway 

Hold your baby as you sit on a glider or a rocking chair. You can even place them in a vibrating seat or a baby swing. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions regarding the weight and age of the baby.

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