Dimmable Light with Speaker

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Who is it for Students, late-night workers

This is for all the students cramming for their exams and overtime workers burning the midnight oil!

IKOM brings you a Dimmable Light with Speaker to make your after-hours fun again.


  • USB Outlets: MP3 playback and charging slot.
  • LED Power:On the low end at 8W.
  • Speaker:Wireless
  • RMS Power:On the low end at 5W.
  • Dimming Levels:A grand total of three brightness levels on the lamp.
  • Energy Conservation:Yes
  • Compatibility:Supports smartphones and tablets.
  • Flexibility:Lamp has a gooseneck that can be turned back and forth or sideways.
  • Touch Sensors:For changing light color from red to green to blue.
  • Additional Info:Certified by CE, FCC, and ROHS.
  • Warranty: One-Year International


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Get in the mood with a Dimmable Light with Speaker.

Nothing helps you focus better than light you can adjust from romantic to bright. Even more so when that light comes with a playlist that does justice to the mood of your room.

Get the ambiance you desire with a Dimmable Light with Speaker available at IKOM. It’s easy to use, can be positioned in several manners, and you can bop to your jam while you go about your tedious day-to-day.

What’s more: the dimmable feature makes it so you won’t be blinded by a harsh light or hurt your retinas long-term.

In short: there is nothing plain and simple about the futuristic Dimmable Light with Speaker.

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Dimensions 251 × 140 × 135 cm

Black, White


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