Thermal Mug with Wireless Charger


Intelligent constant temperature Ceramic mug with wireless charger
easy to carry, very safe to use

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Wireless Power: 10W
Mug capacity: 28-350ml
Heating: up to 55 degree Celsius in 40 mins
Output Power: charging < 15W Heating < 18W Color: Black & White Certificate: CE, RoHS + Technology Patent

Buy Thermal Mug with Wireless Charger to Fast-track your Mornings

Don’t want to compete with the temperature every morning to drink a hot cup of coffee? Your mission to find a thermal mug with a wireless charger ends here. With this thermal mug, you can now take your sweet time and have a relaxed morning every day as you sip your morning caffeine at the perfect degree of warmth from a temperature-controlled mug.

This mug comes with a stable endothermic coating that interacts with the electric wireless chargers safely while ensuring that your hands don’t get burnt from holding a hot cup. With an efficiently monitored temperature of 50 Celsius, this mug gives you an intuitively managed drinking experience every day.

Spend your mornings feeling like royalty with the advanced technology this thermal mug with wireless charger offers. Buy at affordable prices now and streamline your daily lived experiences with ease. Becoming a more productive individual is just that easy with our products.

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Weight 0.644 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 11 cm

Black, White


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