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Pockets and Women’s Dresses – All You Need to Know

By February 7, 2022 Global

Almost every woman agrees that the pockets on their dresses make their outfits so much more amazing!

According to them, women’s pockets are there to fulfill looks while providing no functionality or supportive wellness. If you’re someone who doesn’t wear women’s clothes, you might not know what the fuss is about women’s pockets, but the truth is that women have survived without pockets for centuries now. But pockets make outfits so much better!

Here’s everything you need to know about women’s obsession with pockets in their dresses.

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Image Alt Text: Women wearing a dress with little pockets that provide zero supportive wellness

History of Pockets in Women’s Dresses

According to Ariane Fennetaux, a well-known historian, women’s clothing had large pockets from the 17th century to the 20th century. These pockets were large, detachable, and provided multiple functions. They allowed women to store private things. However, in the 19th century, these pockets went out of fashion, and women had to carry things around in their hands or stuff them in their purses.

What are The Disadvantages of Not Having Pockets?

Nowadays, many women fight for ‘pocket equality’ as they believe that refusing to put pockets in women’s clothes is blatantly sexist. As we mentioned above, women’s pockets were their personal protection in the male-favored public spaces. To deny women that right is a political and social attempt at creating a gender divide. Here are some disadvantages of no pockets in women’s dresses.

  • Do people believe that women don’t have to step out of the houses and carry things? Having no pockets means that women’s hands are full of wallets, keys, money, clutches, and more!
  • Another disadvantage of having no pockets is having to carry handbags or purses, which can be tiring.

Women’s Pockets Substitutes

Well, women want pockets, and its high time that fashion designers give them that! But until then, it’s time for some substitutes that can help them carry cash, cards, keys, and more safely. Waist chains are one substitute, and purses and clutches are others. But there’s one more thing that can help women keep their valuables safe – a smart wallet!

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Image Alt Text: A smart women’s wallet

IKOM greatly believes in making the latest hi-tech products for everyone. Therefore, their online smart women’s wallet serves as the right substitute for women’s pockets and allows them to store their things safely. Just like pockets, no one can steal this wallet, as you can track it easily.

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